My internship experience at Weave Asia – Here were some of my thoughts

My internship experience at Weave Asia – Here were some of my thoughts

These past weeks, I started my internship with Weave Asia. At first, I feel extremely anxious
because it is my first time working for a company and I do not know what to expect. Of course, I am
excited to work for the company but still feel very nervous when thinking about it because working is
a very big responsibility. Currently, I am halfway through my industrial training, here is some of my
thoughts on the industrial training.

I still vividly remember the first day of my industrial training. I was very nervous since I do not
know everyone that was working in the company other than three of my friends who are taking
industrial training in the same company as me. On the first day, we had a meeting with the whole website
team from Malaysia and Singapore. After the meeting, we have our first task which was adding content
for a website. Even though it is a very easy task, I am still very afraid of messing up. I keep having a
constant thought of “What if I messed up?” or “Is this correct or did I do it wrongly?” But I think it is
okay to make mistakes since everyone will make mistakes when they first start working or even trying
new things for the first time, it was all part of learning.

My thoughts as intern at Weave Asia

After working some time for the company, I learned a lot of new skills and also ways to
communicate within a team. These skills are very important because they will have a lot of benefits not
only for me but also for my future colleague. Other than that, I also learned that we need to have more
confidence when doing tasks and also when speaking out suggestions in front of other people. I realize
that with confidence, you can go a long way not only in work but in your life.

Moreover, by taking on the extra tasks, you will be very surprised at how much extra knowledge you can
gain from it. You can also get a lot more in-depth look at a certain task that you will not be able to see
daily and also some hands-on experience that will be able to make you understand more about this
field of work. As for now, I certainly learned more than what I expected to learn especially about SEO
(Search Engine Optimization)
. This is very interesting for me because it is also my first time hearing
about SEO.

I am really glad that Weave Asia gave me this opportunity to work for their company. I am
also really grateful to all the team members in Weave Asia for being patient with me since it is my
first time doing a job related to website and search engine optimization. Because of them, I am able
to learn a lot of stuff and also enjoy my internship with them. Once again, I would like to thank Weave
Asia for giving me this opportunity to work for them and gain more knowledge at the same time